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Blockchain and superdiversity

The venue is accessible by wheelchair, there is a wheelchair lift and an appropriate bathroom

Der Veranstaltungsort ist mit dem Rollstuhl zugänglich, es gibt einen Rollstuhllift
Past event - 2024
15 May Door opens: 6:30 PM. Event starts at 6:45 PM and ends at 9:30 PM
Krawall, Geismar landstrasse 19
37083, Goettingen
Sold Out!
A full second night at Krawall! Tonight, we're diving into two talks that might seem very far from each other, but share some interesting perspectives.
First, we'll find out about the world of blockchain and its potential to revolutionize financial inclusion in Ghana. Then, get ready to learn about 'Superdiversity' and how to break free from old classifications and embrace the complexities of our diverse world. So grab a pint and get ready to have your mind blown!

Blockchain technology and increasing financial inclusion in Ghanaian society

Emmanuel Osei (Masters student)
Cryptocurrency and NFTs are buzzwords that make some roll their eyes, whilst igniting excitement in others. Blockchain technology that is behind cryptocurrencies may seem like a fad, but it has already played an important role in the advancement of the banking sector across Western Africa. In Ghana, governments, non-governmental organizations and financial institutions are working closely to foster digital adoption, raise financial literacy and grow banking networks. Yet, a significant portion of the population lacks access to basic financial services. How to improve financial inclusion in the country? Could blockchain technology be a solution? Grab a pint and listen to my talk to find out!

Superdiversity and social complexity thinking

Prof. Dr. Dr. Steven Vertovec (Professor)
Superdiversity is a concept encapsulating today’s increasingly complex combinations of race/ethnicity, gender, religion, language, legal status, age and other social categories. For a better understanding of contemporary social dynamics, we need to be able to think in terms of multiple, intersectional categories. This entails breaking habits of classification such as groupism, culturalism, racialization and singular affinity. While societies around the world are rapidly diversifying along numerous dimensions, a superdiversity-based perspective can help decrease stereotypes, positively change attitudes and improve social relations.
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