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Past event - 2022
09 May 7pm - 9pm
Shamrock, Trautenwolfstraße 6 ,
Munich 80802

Pallasites: Origin of the juwels from the sky

Dr. Nicolas Walte (Doctor)
Pallasites are the most enigmatic rocks from space. When cut into thin slices and polished, they look like golden-green jewels set in silver.
But where do they come from? How does this curious mixture of crystals and metal occur? And why are pallasite olivines nearly ten times larger than olivines normally found inside the Earth?
By studying natural pallasites and comparing them to experiments we can extract nuggets of information about these extraordinary meteorites that tell us about their appearance, their origin, and the beginnings of the solar system more than 4.5 billion ago.

An image of our Universe today

Dr. Daniela Galarraga-Espinosa (Doctor)
After introducing the main ingredients of our Universe, I will talk about the curent observational paradigm of the ‘missing baryons’. I will then show how numerical simulations have helped astrophysicists understanding that those missing baryons might be located around immense, elongated, and hardly-observable structures that we call the cosmic filaments. Thanks to these numerical tools, we have recently been able to see a complete image of our Universe today (at least in a computer!).