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The power of social connections

Zugang zu Event ist nicht Barrierefrei. The event is not wheelchair accessible.
Past event - 2023
24 May Open doors from 6.30 PM - enough time to grab a beer or a drink before the start at 7 PM. After the end of the event you are welcome to stay and have few drinks and chat with the speakers
Duke Pub, Mühlenstraße 4
37073, Goettingen
Sold Out!

The benefits of being (more or less) social

Ph.D. Julie Duboscq (Researcher)
Being social makes us, humans, happy and happy humans connect better with other happy humans. Monkeys too are embedded in social networks of conspecifics and find benefits in being social. But, like humans, they also need to strike a balance with life contingencies.

What we know about how we move our legs during locomotion helps us create better prostheses

Lucas Avanci Gaudio (Ph.D. student, Ottobock, University of Twente)
From bizarre animal experiments to laboratory tests with humans, we have an idea of how we react to the most diverse environmental conditions during locomotion. Now we are using this information to build better prostheses. In my talk, I`ll discuss how we are narrowing the gap between how a prosthesis reacts and how intact limb people would.
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