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Monkeys on Crac

Zugang zu Event ist nicht Barrierefrei. The event is not wheelchair accessible.
Past event - 2024
13 May Door opens: 6:30 PM. Event starts at 6:45 PM and ends at 9:30 PM
Duke Pub, Mühlenstraße 4
37073, Goettingen
Welcome to the opening night at Duke! The two talks of the evening promise fun and excitement combined with science.
First, join us on a wild journey with Vin, Nathanael, and their quirky crew, from lab experiments to snack dispensers.
Then, uncover the secrets encrypted within RNA Binding Proteins, like decoding classified information. Witness the unraveling of biological mysteries in an evening of discovery.

Adventures of my buddy, Vin the forager

Dr. Neda Shahidi (Group leader)
A couple of years back, I, a not-so-young enthusiast of brains, math, and furry cousins, wandered into this lab in Goettingen. Vin, the cheeky monkey, had already claimed his territory, navigating the place like a seasoned explorer. I asked him to teach me the elements of foraging, and he agreed. I pitched him the idea of a gadget that dispenses snacks and asked if he wanted to help. He nodded, but with a twist – I get to pick the grub it spits out. I went along, clueless about the adventure I was diving into. We tried flavored nuggets, greens, fruits, all made into gourmet delights. Vin wasn't one for sugary treats. So, we settled on crisp radishes. Once we pieced together a prototype, Vin put it through its paces, subjecting it to rigorous – and I mean rigorous – trials. The gadget survived, and this was just the beginning. Join to hear the rest of the story of Vin, his mate Nathanael, the PacMan, and the members of the Woodchip Soup and the Secret Cucumber Society.

007 Operation CRAC: Decrypting the Secrets of RNA

Dr. Nicolás Lemus Diaz (Postdoctoral researcher)
RNA Binding Proteins (RBP) play a vital role in essential biological functions, making understanding their mechanisms crucial for advancements in therapies and cell biology.

Just like classified intelligence, the information carried by RNA is highly encrypted, posing a challenge to decipher its secrets. In our mission, we deployed a sophisticated operation known as CRAC (Crosslinking and Analysis of cDNA) to unveil these encrypted messages.

Join us as we unravel the clandestine techniques involved in training undercover agents, sending them into the field, extracting crucial data, and finally, decrypting the secrets carried by this elusive messenger, RNA.

Your presence is vital in unraveling these mysteries!
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