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Dark Matter, Gravity, and Engineering

There are a few steps at the entrance.
Past event - 2022
11 May Door open time is 5.30 pm - Start of the event is 6 pm
Borso Bar, Moltkestraße 30,
Freiburg 79098
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Come and join us for a journey into the dark side to discover what Dark matter is, whether in space or in a tank of gas under a mountain and to learn how do materials behave in zero-gravity.

Merits and Dangers in International Development Cooperation projects

Andreas Madjarov (Spokesperson for Freiburg Chapter of Engnieers Without Borders (Ingenieure Ohne Grenzen e.V.))
To cope with global inequity and injustice, many governmental and non-governmental organizations around the globe try to employ technical solutions since several decades. Let´s discuss what some dangers are to very easily prevent those solutions to be long-lasting and sustainable. What are, on the other hand, the merits of these intercultural adventures and how should the projects be designed to give all shareholders the joy of sustainable improvement even when evaluating the process many years later?

Zero-gravity: How do chemical solutions behave in weightlessness during parabolic flights?

Mehdi Hortamani (Masters student at Crystallography Institute, University of Freiburg)
So far, nearly all of scientific phenomena have been investigated under gravity of the earth. But what happens when there is no gravity? Why "on earth" is it important? Transport phenomena are especially affected by gravity. In order to have a better understanding of such phenomena, sometimes we have to get rid of gravity. Parabolic flights provide such conditions while staying in our planet's atmosphere. But how can zero gravity be achieved in an airplane? What is parabolic flight? And finally what occurs in our samples? We are going to answer these questions.

Dark Matter: Everywhere and Nowhere

Daniel Baur (PhD Candidate at Physikalisches Institut, University of Freiburg)
Nobody has ever measured a Dark Matter particle. Still, we are convinced that this mysterious substance makes up 85% of all the matter in our universe & is a crucial prerequisite for the formation of galaxies. Thousands of dark matter particles are assumed to pass through our bodies every second while not interacting once. Let us find out why we come to the above conclusions in the first place and how we search for these invisible particles. What strategy would be more obvious than placing a giant tank of liquid xenon underneath a mountain massif and waiting for something exciting to happen..?

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2022-05-09 Plants and Us Borso Bar Moltkestraße 30, Freiburg, 79098, Germany
09 May
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Plants and Us

Earth 16 Sapling
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