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Thinking about existence: From aliens to Mono sapiens

Please note that this venue has no step-free access. Cash payment preferred.
Past event - 2022
11 May 7pm - 9pm
The Keg Bar, Trautenwolfstraße 1,
München 80802

Mono sapiens: the seekers of ONE explanation for ALL

Dr. Veronica Errasti-Diez (Doctor)
Let's embark ourselves in a mental trip through cutting-edge physics in pursuit of the elusive theory to explain everything. That's right: everything! From the inner workings of atoms to the movement of galaxies. Along the way, we will learn about the major unsolved problem in physics, which comprises many brilliant minds, provocative ideas and heated discussions.Oh thirsties for knowledge, how could you possibly miss out on this?!

A guide to look for Aliens

Karan Molaverdikhani (Doctor)
More than 5000 exoplanets have now been discovered. Based on these discoveries, 100 billion planets are expected to be present just in the Milky Way. With these many planets out there, it is only natural to ask, “Are we alone in the Universe”? For years scientists have been looking for the signs of life beyond the Earth without any success. I will describe the methods we use to look for aliens and some instances when we were certain to have found one. But we were wrong. I will share with you a guidebook to look for aliens, for the first time. Now, we are ready. Better than ever.

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