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Ready for Takeoff - Training the Next Generation of (Astro)Physicists

Past event - 2023
24 May Event starts at 7 PM (English)
Café Leitstelle, Emil-Maier-Straße 16
69115, Heidelberg

Women in Science: Where Are the Gaps and How Can We Tackle Them?

Patrizia Schoch & Jun.-Prof. Dr. Peter Wulff (PhD Student & Junior Professor, Heidelberg University of Education)
Did you know that women are still underrepresented in most STEM fields (science, technology, engineering & math)? This underrepresentation worsens as women progress through their STEM careers (the so-called “leaky pipeline”). We have studied the factors that cause young women to (dis)engage in STEM fields, and we will tell you about some of the effective intervention measures that have helped young women to engage in physics. Finally, we will introduce one of our intervention programs that will be applied as part of the You-Scie-MINT project to get more young women interested in STEM subjects.

Problem-Based Learning: Is the Sky the Limit?

Cormac Larkin (PhD Student, ARI & MPIK, Heidelberg and University of Groningen, NL)
Join us for an out-of-this-world exploration of the power of problem-based learning. Discover how this approach can enhance university students' understanding of concepts in physics and see it applied to a…space mission concept design!
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Other Café Leitstelle events

2023-05-22 Crunching Data, Saving Lives Café Leitstelle Emil-Maier-Straße 16 69115, Heidelberg, Germany
22 May
Sold Out!

Crunching Data, Saving Lives

Pint of Science 2023 AI resized
2023-05-23 Identitäten im Wandel Café Leitstelle Emil-Maier-Straße 16 69115, Heidelberg, Germany
23 May
Sold Out!

Identitäten im Wandel

Pint of Science 2023 Identity crisis resized