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Life, the Universe and Everything

Bitte beachten Sie, dass diese Veranstaltung im Keller des Pubs stattfindet und es keinen Aufzug gibt.

Please note this event takes place in the basement and there is no lift.
Past event - 2023
22 May Open doors from 6.30 PM - enough time to grab a beer or a drink before the start at 7 PM. After the end of the event you are welcome to stay and have few drinks and chat with the speakers
Café Bar Dots, Barfüßerstraße 12-13
37073, Goettingen
Sold Out!
In this exciting event, the speakers will bring us on a journey to understand what we can learn about stars by studying their chemistry and how completely different types of phenomena can be described by the same fundamental laws, using statistical physics! Come and join us in this adventure!

Chemistry through a telescope

J.-Prof. Dr. Daniel Obenchain (Junior group leader, University of Göttingen)
Exploring the chemistry of stars with Prof. Obenchain

Unveiling universal collective behaviour in (living) matter

Dr. Giulia Pisegna (Postdoc researcher, Max Planck for Dynamics and Self-Organization)
When systems composed by many interacting units show macroscopic collective behaviour, individual details become unimportant and only few general features define the evolution of the group. Statistical physics has the power to develop universal theories able to describe truly different classes of phenomena with the same mathematical laws. We will discover how water, magnetic materials, chemical active particles, flocks of birds and insect swarms share the same universality class.
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