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The Fashionable World of Biology and Medicines

Zugang zu Event ist nicht Barrierefrei. The event is not wheelchair accessible.
Past event - 2023
23 May Open doors from 6.30 PM - enough time to grab a beer or a drink before the start at 7 PM. After the end of the event you are welcome to stay and have few drinks and chat with the speakers
Café Bar Dots, Barfüßerstraße 12-13
37073, Goettingen
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In this exciting event, the speakers will bring us on a journey to understand how biologists actually love fashion and how RNA is just the best brand of all, and how medicines are made starting from molecules like playing lego! Come and join us in this adventure!

RNA wears Prada

Ph.D. MD. Nicolás Lemus Diaz (Postdoc researcher, University of Goettingen, Universitätsmedizin Goettingen)
Who says, Biology does not follow Fashion? RNA is not just Corona or the content of new vaccines; it is the Gucci of life. RNA is a versatile molecule, and it is involved in every process in life. However, we still need to find out how flexibility and multitasking are achieved.

As with Fashion, we wear different types of clothes for sports, work and special occasions, giving us a sign of status, cultural background and context to our activities. Similarly, RNA uses many kinds of clothes to achieve its function.

RNA garments are not made of cotton or Alpaca but made of molecules; we call th

Molecular Lego: Building New Medicines Using Organic Chemistry

J.-Prof. Dr Johannes Walker (Junior Professor, University of Goettingen)
How are new medicines designed? How are they produced? Organic chemistry and organic synthesis play a central role in answering these questions. Today we are able to precisely manipulate individual chemical bonds and molecular fragments in a dizzying array of reactions to logically stich together the molecules that go on to treat illness and disease for millions around the world. We will explore this molecular Lego set and some of the tools that are used to connect our molecular bricks together, along with some of the challenges faced along the way and how these are being addressed.
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