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Biohacking cancer & the kiss of death

Entrance only allowed to science-enthusiasts!
Past event - 2023
24 May English language
Alte Mälzerei, Galgenbergstraße 20
93053, Regensburg
An intern joins a cell culture lab, learns about drug trafficking and raises an unusual question...

In the second talk, you will learn about cancer research and how a self-dervied cellular approach can be more effecient in tumor treatment.

 7:00 - 11:00 PM, Door open time 6:30 PM

Food can be purchased.

Living Drugs and Labradors

Markus Barden (Post Doc - Wissenschaftler)
A new intern joins our research group. On his first day in the lab, he learns about drug trafficking and the kiss of death. Also, he gets a taste of cell culture and raises an unusual question...

Fighting cancer by turning one single screw inside immune cells

Roland Schelker (Post Doc - Wissenschaftler)
Cancer is nothing else than a distorted version of our normal being. Therefore, unlike common cancer treatment options (surgery, irradiation, chemotherapy, eg), a self-derived cellular soldier was envisaged to be more effective in tumor treatment. In our work, we evaluated how these cellular soldiers can be armed and trained to be the most efficient.
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