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Life at Scale – Microbes and Superpartners

Please note this event takes place in the back of the establishment !CASH ONLY!
Past event - 2019
21 Mai Cafe May is open all day
Event 19:00 to 22:00
martens@informatik.uni-hamburg.de, Lappenbergsallee 30,
Hamburg 20257
Sold Out!
Join us at Cafe May for a comfortable atmosphere, cold beers, and interesting talks about your body and the universe. Microbes are in all of us, and some of them work hard at taking control of and harming our body, let's discuss what this means for you. For our other talk, we will dive into the world of Superpartners, and why hunting for them is a challenging tasks in the world of Physics. Just to let you know, the language of the event will be English. 

Do Superpartners Exist?

Jordi Sabater (PhD Researcher at DESY)
Do you want to find your superpartner? What does he/she look like? Who is SUSY? Believe it or not, these questions are being asked by physicists. The Large Hadron Collider makes millions of protons collide every second, and by analyzing this data we could be able to find Supersymmetry (SUSY), which could be the key to explain remaining unanswered questions of our Universe, among others, the origin of dark matter.

The Molecular Arsenal of Microbes

Dr Vivian Pogenberg (Research Scientist at UKE)
Pharmaceutical companies are not the only researchers developing chemicals to fight molecular battles inside our body, harmful microbes produce active molecules to take control of our organism and develop diseases. These molecular weapons can kill our cells, tackle our immune system or hijack basic physiological functions to the sole benefit of the pathogens that produce them. Let's discuss what this means for you!