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From genes to organelles

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 7.00 pm; Talks start: 7.30 pm; Talks end: 9.00 pm
Lost Level, Kyffhäuserstraße 39
50674, Cologne
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Join us on a journey through the molecular mysteries of life at our first Pint of Science evening in Cologne. Explore the simple yet genious world of DNA, delve into the fascinating phenomenon of recombination, and unravel the importance of mitochondria in sustaining immunity. Join us for an engaging event as we decode the secrets of genetic variation and the tools scientists use to unlock nature's complexity.

The DNA code: the software of life

Alessandro Popoli (Postdoctoral Researcher, Plant Biology with expertise in Genetics and EvoDevo)
Imagine DNA as a computer program running in every cell, where genes are like basic commands, making us who we are. We will journey through the DNA's own software, revealing how certain genes control others in a complex network, just like apps on the phone. We will learn about the ancient codes that shape our bodies, influence our health, and how they're linked to our past and our future simultaneously.

Alike yet unique: The origins of diversity among siblings

Joiselle Fernandes (Postdoctoral Researcher, Plant Genetics/ Recombination)
Ever marveled at the uniqueness among siblings despite sharing the same parents? The intriguing answer lies in a fundamental process called meiosis. Occurring universally in both animals and plants, meiosis plays a pivotal role in fostering genetic diversity. Through this mechanism, genetic material is mixed and matched, giving rise to offspring with distinct combinations inherited from their parents. This process not only sheds light on the origins of genetic variations but also drives advancements in crop breeding and personalized medicine. So, as you contemplate the richness of life's diversity, remember, it's all orchestrated through the intricate dance of meiosis and genetic recombination.

MitoHero: With great power comes great responsibility

Annamaria Regina (PhD Student, Cologne Excellence Cluster on Aging and Aging-Associated Diseases (CECAD))
Join me for a journey into the world of mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells, and their vital role in supporting the immune system during infections. We will explore how mitochondria shoulder the immense responsibility of sustaining immune cell function.From providing energy for cellular activity to modulating essential signaling pathways, discover the remarkable contributions of these tiny organelles to our body's defense mechanisms.
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