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Decoding the threats to our bodies

Th event will take place on the second floor.
Past event - 2019
20 Mai Doors open 19:00
Event 19:30 to 21:30
Heppel & Ettlich, Feilitzschstraße 12,
München 80802
Sold Out!
Come and find out about antibiotic: how to fight superbugs and hormones, genes and clocks. Already got curious? Abstracts of the talks can be found below. Also there will be a chance to win some Pint of Science goodies. See you there! 

Antibiotic resistance and targeting superbugs

Hannelore Mayer (Dr. rer. nat.)
Antibiotics have saved many lives in the last 80 years and are the basis of modern medicine. However, antimicrobial resistance is posing an increasing threat to the health of the world population. My talk will explain, where resistance comes from, and summarize the current situation and prognoses for the next decades in a One Health and Global Health context. Following a brief overview on measures to reduce antibiotic prescriptions, an overview on innovative treatment options for bacterial infections will be given. Finally, I will discuss the challenges of the business case for antibiotics.

Hormones, genes and clocks

All of us experience daily rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, eating and fasting, resting and activity, synchronized to the Earth's rotation and light/darkness. These daily cycles are controlled by our brains, hormones and cellular machineries called transcription factors. In turn these control the 24 hour rhythm of gene programs regulating metabolism. How this is connected to diseases like Diabetes, you will get to know during the talk.

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Feilitzschstraße 12, München, 80802 Feilitzschstraße 12, München, 80802
21 Mai
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Die Rückkehr zum Mond

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