Other Nuremberg events

Decoding the reality

Past event - 2022
09 May From data literacy to habitats of animals in the zoo; how do we use our brain to understand and interact with the world around us?? Join us to know more!! Doors open at 18:00. Talks start from 18:30-21.30
The King´s Arms, Jakobsplatz 6,
Nuremberg 90402

Improve your data literacy while learning about Beer

Luciana Padua (Speaker)
Figures and statistics are indispensable key indicators for decision-making in politics, business, and private life. But do we always understand numbers and their meanings correctly? Luciana Padua argues that before society can dive into complex data-related topics, we must first learn the basic use and understanding of data and ask ourselves: Are we asking the right questions when confronted with data?

Fantastic beasts and where to find them.

Matthias Zürl (Speaker)
Every institution that keeps animals under human care must ensure animal welfare. To analyze the state of an animal, various measurements can be performed, such as blood analysis or fur condition scoring. They also need to be observed as often as possible to gain further insight into their behavior. Such observations are performed manually in most cases, which makes them very labor- and time-intensive and prevent them from being performed on a continual basis. We present a camera-based framework that provides automated observation of animals. The system detects individual animals and analyzes

How the immune system shapes your brain

Veronika Sigutova (Speaker)
We often think of the brain as floating in its own protective bubble, sheltered from many of the impacts the rest of the body endures. However, we are now slowly discovering that the brain does, in fact, have its own immune system that is crucial for its health. In this talk, I will walk you through the surprising roles the immune cells in the brain play all the way from birth to death. We will see what a mother’s infection has to do with schizophrenia, how immunity boosts your memory and whether we could take immune medication to fight Parkinson’s disease.