Past event - 2022
10 May 7pm -9pm
Gans Woanders, Pilgersheimer Str. 13
81543, Munich
Sold Out!

Molecular dissection of a crime scene – everything you want to know about forensics

Dr. Marta Diepenbroek (Doctor)
Have you ever wondered if the CSI series even makes any sense? Do you want to know how DNA can be used to solve crimes and identify unknown bodies? Are you interested in state-of-the-art forensic DNA methods? This talk will have it all! From solving cold cases and current criminal investigations to genetic identification of war victims. We will discuss facts and myths about forensics and talk about how forensic scientists make our world a better and a safer place.

Summer in the city – fun for everyone?

Antje Katschner (MA)
Heat stress is something experienced by many of us in recent years, particularly by those living in urban areas. The reason are heat waves, an impact of climate change. The impacts of heat stress, however, affect the population unevenly, which is the interest of my research. I am working toward finding solutions for city planners to make cities livable for everyone. In order to do so, we need to account for social differences in urban planning processes and prevent climatically significant areas from being developed. Helpful are climate function maps which can be intersected with social data.
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