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Circulating Quantum and Microplastics

Right by Nordbahnhof S-Bahnhof
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors open at 7 pm - enough time to grab a beer before we start
The Castle Pub - Mitte, Invalidenstr. 129,
Berlin 10115
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Deciphering the genetic code - Sequencing technologies and their applications

Tom Haltenhof (Postdoc / R&D scientist)
The genome is made just out of four letters: A, G, C and T. Still understanding its complexity is a challenge for researchers. It took 13 years to complete the first human genome and it cost 3 million dollars. Nowadays a complete genome can be sequenced in one day for less than 1000 dollars. But how is society benefiting from this? In this talk Tom will give an introduction into the history of sequencing, the technology per se and how sequencing technologies are paving the way for personalised medicine.

Picture: Unsplash / Warren Umoh

May I introduce you to microplastic and its little friend nanoplastic?

Maren Meurer (Doctoral candidate)
Microplastic is everywhere. Its everywhere all over in the media and can be found even in the remotest area of our planet where nearly no human has been – the artic. How does it get there? And what is microplastic actually? In Germany we have such a great waste system. Is there any microplastic in our environment here? If yes, how much and where is it coming from? How can you detect it? So many questions I’ll work on, trying to answer.

Picture: Unsplash / Naja Bertolt Jensen

Commuting between quantum stops

Fernando Gago (PhD candidate)
Quantum systems can have a lot of different energy levels, and in order to achieve universal quantum computing we have to make sure that we can go from one level to any other level. That task seems easy, but can be quite challenging! Can my qubits go from "Quantum Alexanderplatz" to "Quantum Schoneberg"? What "train lines" can they use? Like a "quantum public transport map", our new graphical controllability test tries to answer this interesting question.

Picture: Unsplash / Anton Maksimov