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Cancer and ants at once

Entrance only allowed to science-enthusiasts!
Past event - 2022
11 May Talks start at 7pm
(Doors open at 6:30pm)
Alte Mälzerei, Galgenbergstraße 20
93053, Regensburg
Sold Out!
Pint of Science finally comes to Regensburg, co-hosted by PhD students from the Leibniz Insitute of Immunotherapy!

Our first speaker will talk about the always exiting topic of cancer progression, while Lina will take us through her journey on the study of her beloved ants and how doing research with these insects helps us understanding complex behaviors that affect many other animals.
Take this opportunity to meet experts in their fields and ask any questions that come to your mind!

And after the talks...
... don´t forget to join our PoS-Quiz with another Pint and some more Science!


Miodrag Guzvic: "Understanding cancer progression – why the war against cancer is a marathon, not a race"

Miodrag Guzvic (Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Urology)
Dr. Miodrag Guzvic studied molecular biology at University of Belgrade, Serbia. He is working in the field of cancer research for 20 years, and during this time he gathered precious research experience at Michigan State University (USA), University of Lübeck (DE), University of York (UK), and University of Regensburg (DE). Currently he is the head of the Laboratory of Experimental Urology, at the Department of Urology, University Hospital Regensburg, where he works on understanding the progression of urological cancers.

Lina Pedraza: "Studying insect behavior: the case of starvation resistance in ants"

Lina Pedraza (PhD Student)
Behavioral research faces a huge challenge when it comes to working with alive animals while maintaining them under optimal conditions before, during and even after the experiments - ants are no exception! In this work, we studied ant species from all over the world and tested their ability to resist starvation, a condition that most animals face in nature. I will talk about how we collected ants, maintained them in the lab, ran the experiments, and what the results taught us about starvation resistance.
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