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Unveiling the Invisible: The Wonders of X-ray Vision

Past event - 2023
22 May Open doors from 6.30 PM - enough time to grab a beer or a drink before the start at 7 PM. After the end of the event you are welcome to stay and have few drinks and chat with the speakers
CharlieBar, Weender Straße 106
37073, Goettingen
Sold Out!
In this exciting event, the speakers will bring us on a journey to understand what scientists can see using X-rays and what X-rays actually are. Come and join us in this adventure!

X-ray vision: what could you see even if you weren't born a Superhero?

M.Sc. Angelika Svetlove (Ph.D. student, University of Goettingen)
X-rays were discovered over 100 years ago and have since been applied in many fields. The concept reached peak exposure in the middle of the last century and gained a lot of popularity in various comic books. These days most people associate x-rays with grey films that are taken to check if any of your bones are broken. Is this really all they are used for these days? And most importantly - what would Superman actually see?

What the Duck?! Wie man mit Röntgenstrahlen und Gummienten die Welt der Kristalle durchleuchtet

Dr. Nico Graw (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Goettingen)
Dieser Vortrag gibt einen Einblick in die Kristallographie und erklärt, wie man mit Hilfe von Röntgenstrahlen Atome sichtbar machen kann und warum Kristalle dabei eine wichtige Rolle spielen. Er beleuchtet die einzigartigen Eigenschaften, die Kristalle so besonders machen und gibt eine Antwort auf die Frage, was Gummienten mit all dem zu tun haben.
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