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Be(e)ing sustainable

Website: www.gansamwasser.de
Past event - 2022
11 May 7pm - 9pm
Gans am Wasser, Siegenburger Str. 41
81373, Munich

Farming the Future – towards sustainable livestock production

Dr. Tom Berghof (Doctor)
Since the zeros, livestock production has been under a magnifying glass: issues as well as scandals and massive disease outbreaks deteriorated the public view of livestock production. However, crises can also induce rigorous changes. In the last two decades, new insights and technological developments have set some major changes in motion in livestock production.
I will introduce you to livestock production, identify some sore points, and sketch the transition towards a sustainable livestock production.
Disclaimer: the presenter is not responsible for changes in your grocery shopping behavior

Healthy bees need diverse flowers

Dr. Alejandra Parreño (Postdoc)
Like many other insects, bee populations are in decline and several species are disappearing worldwide as a consequence of human activities. In fact, the diversity of wild bees decreases with decreasing flowering plant diversity. In our projects we try to understand how changes in the diversity of flowering plant communities affect wild bees. One aim is to develop targeted measures to support bee health by providing crucial resources, especially with regard to their specific nutritional needs.
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